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Hey ladies! I’ve been getting asked so many questions about items I’ve been sharing with you I decided to compile an Amazon Top Picks list of my recent finds because Amazon is EVERYTHING. Lol. But seriously.

One of my very favorite finds this fall is definitely my pink athletic shoes. I have received SO many compliments and questions about them from you guys! I found them to be true to size and they’re around $20-such a steal!

Shop them here:


My girls are constantly fighting over their new Marppy Binoculars. Of course-should’ve gotten two of them! Kidding. Kind of. They need to learn patience and one will have to do! They are super cute and came with a little compass and lanyard which made them even more exciting for the kids to explore with.

Shop them here:


My new favorite lipgloss. This stuff is amazing and around $2!! I have a few colors; my favorite is Creme Brûlée - super natural and pretty. I love how soft it makes my lips feel. Hands down my favorite affordable gloss.

Shop NYX Butter Gloss here:


My girls adore dresses and all things pretty. I ordered this dress for Brooke MONTHS ago and she still begs to wear it all the time! She has gotten so many compliments on it and everyone is surprised when I say I ordered it on Amazon and it’s around $10! She wears it year-round with a sweater or just for playing in the house.

Shop this dress in sizes 12m-5 and multiple colors here:


I love athleisure wear and love it for my girls too! Recently I have had a hard time finding cute sets that I like and don’t break the bank but scored taking a chance on one for Emma. The one she has is currently sold out but here is a similar one from the same brand for under $10 for the set!

 Shop this set in multiple colors and styles (sizes baby, toddler & big girl) here:


This is kind of random BUT has made a huge difference in my life. Rocking sweet babies for endless hours has given me serious knots in my neck and upper back that seem to flare up easier and quicker all the time. I don’t have the time and money to hit up the spa for a massage regularly to keep it in check and in a desperate moment thought well the worth thing that can happen is I lose $40 if this thing doesn’t work.  I have been so pleasantly surprised. It goes for 30 minutes then has an automatic shut off. Not even kidding I’m going to go grab it right now because the last few nights Emma has insisted on having me hold her in bed and as much as I love snuggling it has really messed up my back!

Shop my favorite massager here:


I’ve become a lot more aware of what goes into my body lately as I am quickly approaching the big 3-0 and one thing that I kept hearing about was Collagen and Collagen Peptides. I was following multiple people that use this brand and were happy with it so I gave it a try and have no complaints. It’s easy to mix into water, smoothies, coffee, etc.

Shop Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides here:



That’s all for now-let me know if you have questions about anything else I’ve shared!




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