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Self Care: Eye Masks!

I have been using the VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for All Night Repair for a few weeks now so thought it was time I review them for you, as promised! These eye masks are the first approved for 8 hour wear so I have been putting them on before bed and wearing overnight!

I have been wearing these eye masks twice weekly. I remove my makeup and go through my normal nighttime skincare routine then apply the eye mask last.

The masks are a gel like consistency and are immediately cooling to the skin. It’s so relaxing and is such a treat for me at the end of the day! I love how well they stick so I am able to run around the house and get a few things done, watch a favorite show, etc, all without them sliding around or falling off. In the morning when I take them off my under eye area feels fresh and moisturized. My skin tends to be dry, especially in the winter and I’ve noticed my under eye area moisture has improved since adding these eye masks to my skincare regimen.

To summarize what the VII Code website says about the benefits of using these eye masks: instantly refreshes under eye area, minimizes signs of aging around the eyes, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and moisturizes and soothes the delicate under eye area. From my experience in the past few weeks, I would definitely agree with this. As I’m quickly approaching 30 I’m becoming more concerned with my skincare and have enjoyed the benefits of using these masks. I wake up feeling more refreshed and wearing these masks is a treat I look forward to!

I hope you have enjoyed this review and please feel free to reach out with any further questions!

These eye masks are available for purchase (free shipping!) at:

Instagram: @viicodebeauty 



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  • Lot older here, but going to give them a try!!
    Thank you!

    Peg Meehan

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